Hi I’m Russ Green and this is my blog.

Be warned right from the start, this blog is not for kids so anyone under the age of 18 should leave it now.

The latest RUSSLER is the April Newsletter Extra .

Don’t get me wrong, me and June have not gone and made a porno but parts of my blog will be bawdy and sometimes rather crude but it reflects a certain type of humour that I’ve heard around my bar, since running my first pub in the 1980’s. I’m currently the landlord of a village pub in Woodthorpe, Derbyshire, England, The Albert Inn.

I’ve attracted four more authors to my blog, each covering a different subject or Category in blog speak, once a month. That way, something will be added weekly. The MysteryBarFly has committed to a monthly Newsletter, I’m hoping to find time to do a monthly summary of beers that I plan to have on the bar. One of my regulars, Burgin, is going to write a monthly Technology Tip, the first one’s here. Another regular, MalagaJack, is covering Politics & Religion but with a funny slant. Travel is covered by Ginger Minger, his first one here.

So any budding authors out there are welcome to cover any subject they please. Get in touch.

Here goes with the first newsletter blog… First Newsletter!

2 responses to “Blog

  1. MysteryBarFly

    Good luck with the Blog

  2. Janis Palethorpe

    Hope you have started working on the next one ??!!

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