Plant Earth, Boston & Sistine Chapel


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Planet Earth

It took 2 days to travel from earth to the International Space Station, well it did until last week, when the Ruskies did it in under 6 hours. They didn’t use a faster space craft, they achieved it by only doing 4 orbits of the earth before docking at the ISS. Plans are already afoot to do it in just 2 orbits and Ryan Air are planning to do it in 1 (joke). NASA have cobbled together some footage from the ISS and added some modelling to a great 2 minute video.



Boston, USA

State capital of Massachusetts




Sistine Chapel

A 360° view of probably the most magnificent chapel in the world. Found in the Apostolic Palace, the offical residence of the Pope in the Vatican. Click the below image.

4 responses to “Plant Earth, Boston & Sistine Chapel

  1. lucifer

    wot u sendin this crap out 4

    • MysteryBarFly

      Some readers like to look at different places without the expense of travelling there. These 3 were suggested by Dave Hedley, a well traveled retired Doorman, who is contemplating his own contribution to the RUSSLER.

  2. Bev

    I was in the Sistine Chapel last week, while Phil went to Thailand!!

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