Surfing the World Wide Web

This is my first article for several months and contrary to popular belief it’s not due to the deterioration in my mobility.  No, quite the opposite, my reduced mobility has given rise to more quality time being spent with my computer. So have I been reading the online version of War & Peace, not quite but similar, I’ve been busy reading the Terms & Conditions of iTunes.

chrbkYou may be surprised to learn that the new Windows 8 OS (operating system) has had a disappointing launch. The reason…  the most popular laptop sold worldwide by Amazon over these recent winter months is the Samsung Chromebook. Why? It’s a faster computer. It starts in seconds, and offers thousands of apps. It has built-in virus protection, and backs up your stuff in the Cloud (Free or cheap online storage space). More importantly it’s OS is the new Linux based Google Chrome.

Linux is an open source (free) OS that has been tweaked by the guys and gals at Google and it’s what an OS should be. The Windows 8 OS is Windows 7 but with touch screen technology bolted on and whilst Windows 7 OS was probably the best OS from the Microsoft stable, it is hugely expensive. Once other manufacturers release their “Chromebooks” expect prices to tumble to sub £200. Oddly enough they are currently selling for around $315 while having a List Price of $249, which is due to the supply and demand effect and the price of $315 to our American cousins and £315 to us is due to the rip off Britain effect.

Another reason for the Chromebook popularity is that anyone who can use a Web browser can use a Chromebook. After all its interface is primarily the Chrome Web browser. Who can’t use a browser? Well Janis Palethorpe can’t but she’s a rarity. True, there is Linux under the hood but you have to go out of your way to find it, it’s not “in your face” promoting itself like Windows.


Technology Tip

If you are not already using Google Chrome, download it now… stop walking around with your eyes shut. You can now add an Extension to Chrome that blocks all those pesky adverts found on websites such as YouTube and the likes.

Click the 3 bar icon, top right corner of the Chrome browser, which displays a Menu.

Click > Tools > Extensions > Get more extensions and then use the searchBox to find AdBlock.

I’ve outlined the above method so anyone that is new to Chrome can learn but please don’t go crazy and install Extensions willy nilly, they do nibble away at your available memory. To go directly to AdBlock Click Here.

Hope you find this tip useful, I’m sure you will.